Episode 052: One Year Annniversary: Our Favorite Episodes

The Bridge Podcast has hit a major milestone. This is Episode 52 of a weekly podcast – that makes this our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Thank you so much to the Subscribers who listen loyally, share the podcast, and give us great feedback. This time, we take a quick look back at The Bridge Podcast Hosts’ Favorite Episodes. Which one was your favorite?


2:30 – A quick run down of the many cool topics we’ve covered
3:30 – Mark enjoyed Episode 011: Moving at Godspeed
6:00 – Mark also loved Episode 016: Cow Tipping
7:20 – Ben recommends Episode 28: Local Missions
9:15 – Ben is also very into Episode 35: Enneagram of Personality
11:40 – Andrew liked Episode 026: Detours
12:40 – Andrew went weird with Episode 047: Fear and the Supernatural
15:30 – Denise picked Episode 009: Finding ONE WORD to Live By
19:25 – Takeaways


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