Episode 053: Germs

Achoo! In this episode of The Bridge Podcast, we discuss all the ways germs show up in our lives. And there are so very many – let me tell you! It can be so simple to spread germs without thinking. But with a little caution, you can break the path of contamination and prevent germs from spreading. We share a few tips to fight the common cold and touch on the flu season. Honestly, it’s gross… Yuck!


2:40 – Germophobes BEWARE!
3:30 – 1 in 5 people never wash their hands
4:10 – Bathrooms advancements are not eliminating germs from our lives
5:55 – Mark reveals a study about germs and hot air hand dryers
8:45 – Follow us into the kitchen
11:30 – Wash fruits and vegetables just before eating them
12:45 – Interacting with other people, and their germs
13:40 – A Ladies Purse!
14:20 – Socks versus Shoes when walking through your house
15:35 – Laminar flow cleanrooms for every home!
16:55 – Keeping babies healthy (with funny looking masks)
19:20 – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
22:10 – Be mindful of what you consume, and take supplements to support immunity
24:50 – Travel with a kit of the things you might need
25:35 – Old Wive’s tales that DO NOT work!
31:31 – The truth about Chicken Noodle soup…
32:20 – Takeaways


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