Episode 054: Acts with Linda Pevey

Jesus always says ‘Go!’ Our command, as believers, is to take the love of Jesus out into the world. We are not supposed to stay inside the walls of our church, but the plan is for us to go and meet people where they live. The book of Acts gives us the script to follow, and Pastor Linda Pevey helps us learn our part in God’s great story.


0:25 – Special Guest Pastor Linda Tower Pevey of Bethesda United Methodist Church in Preston, MD
1:00 – We Are The Church, Let’s Act Like It by Linda Tower Pevey
3:00 – Connecting and Strengthening the Church and Community
5:20 – The Early Church was concerned with taking care of community needs
6:15 – Ethnic and racial issues were also addressed
9:00 – Conflict about money, possessions, and traditions come to a head
11:30 – Music has an amazing power beyond the spoken word
13:00 – What is ‘the church’?
17:00 – We can get so busy doing stuff, that we forget the people in need
18:50 – The difference between Inward and Outward focused churches
23:00 – Go out and serve the community together
26:00 – Remember the mission we’ve been given by Jesus
27:15 – Being heckled and judged by non-believers
32:30 – Takeaways

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