Episode 055: So You Want To Adopt?

So you want to adopt? John Waller joins a conversation with Bill Sammons, Jeff Twilley, and Andrew Jackson on The Bridge Podcast. God may have tugged on your heartstrings and called you to adoption. Three adoptive fathers explain the process is not filled with rainbows and unicorns. But the effort is worth it! With His help, healing and incredible stories of redeemed lives are possible.


1:30 – John Waller is now a father of ten children!
1:50 – John Waller shares his adoption story
3:55 – Bill Sammons’ adoption story was influenced by John Waller
6:55 – Jeff Twilley and his wife adopted domestically
10:00 – Dreams and surprises during the adoption process
13:45 – For large families, grocery shopping is a major undertaking
15:45 – Changing your family routines for a new member
16:30 – Adoption is very difficult, but it is worth it
20:00 – Trauma and history causes deep scars and pain to be worked through
22:00 – At age 16 some children ‘age out’ of the system and have nowhere to go
24:30 – Some incredible stories and great outcomes from adoption!
29:00 – The heroes of adoption stories are the Kids
30:00 – Takeaways

Project 143 – https://www.p143.org
Project One Forty Three, Inc., (Project 143) is named for those that it serves — namely the 143 million orphans worldwide. Sadly, since our founding, this number has increased dramatically, but our mission remains the same — to help orphans experience the love of families.

CCAI Adoption Services – https://www.ccaifamily.org
CCAI Adoption Services exists to promote and serve the well being of the abandoned and orphaned children and to be the bridge of love, CCAI exists to find caring families and loving American parents for abandoned and orphaned children by providing professional adoption services; provide cultural, educational, and emotional support to the adoptive families and the adopted children through Joyous Chinese Cultural Center; and reach out to the abandoned and orphaned children left behind in the orphanages through Children Charity Fund.

COBYS Family Services – https://cobys.org
Motivated by Christian faith, COBYS Family Services provides foster care, adoption, counseling, family life education and permanency services for children and families at risk in Lancaster County and the surrounding area.


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