Episode 060: Homeless on Delmarva with Susan Kent

Over half a million people go homeless on a single night in the United States – 65 percent in shelters, the other 35 percent on our streets. As a community, we cannot keep patching the problem – it is hurting those in need. We shouldn’t just point out a poor person and hand them a few dollars then go about our day. Poverty can last a long time, being homeless can last a long time, because that is only patching the problem. We keep putting off real solutions to the growing homeless crisis. The homeless on Delmarva deserve compassion and solutions that change their situations.


0:45 – Susan Kent of Love INC of Mid-Delmarva joins The Bridge Podcast
1:45 – What is Love INC of Mid-Delmarva?
4:00 – What is the state of homelessness in our country today?
6:20 – How do we define homelessness so we can tackle the problem?
8:20 – A rise of full intact families are finding themselves on the streets
9:25 – Tourist areas suffer when workers are unable to live where they work
10:30 – Current response policies may be hurting, more than helping
12:00 – Lack of church involvement offers an area of improvement
14:00 – Be part of the Continuum of Care
15:15 – What if someone who is homeless doesn’t want help?
18:00 – We cannot keep patching the problem of homelessness
21:30 – What does homelessness look like across Delmarva?
23:20 – There are many shelters and organizations serving the homeless on Delmarva
24:40 – But what can I do to get involved?
29:15 – Takeaways

Love INC of Mid-Delmarva online – https://loveincofmiddelmarva.com
and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LOVEINCSUSSEX/

Love Worth Sharing Homeless Resources –

The State of Homelessness In America Report from The Council of Economic Advisers (September 2019)

Ten Facts About Homelessness in America by Rev. Ben Johnson (September 24, 2019)


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