Episode 061: Human Trafficking with Zoë Ministries

The massive iceberg of human trafficking is tearing a deep scar through our community. This form of modern-day slavery involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain different types of labor from victims. Over 25 million people are trafficked worldwide, and Delaware is not a stranger to this devastating crime. Through the work of Zoë Ministries, and others in law enforcement and legislature, Delaware is no longer a safe haven for human traffickers preying on our children.


0:50 – Zoë Ministries joins The Bridge Podcast – Yolanda Schlabach, Director; Sharon Stevens, Spiritual Director; Tammy Holland, Assistant Director & Counselor
2:15 – How and why was Zoë Ministries formed?
4:00 – Delaware could become a safe haven for human trafficking crimes
5:30 – Delaware legislation assumed there was no problem because law enforement presented no statistics about the problem
7:10 – God has orchestrated Zoë Ministries progress step-by-step
8:00 – Survivors are often viewed as criminals – not victims
9:45 – What is human trafficking?
11:25 – An example of human trafficking in Delaware – Force, Fraud, and Coercion
15:00 – How do human traffickers lure their victims?
18:25 – What type of physical and psychological impact do victims endure?
21:00 – Where are Mom and Dad during all this trouble?
22:45 – What kind of impact does human trafficking have on our community?
25:00 – A majority of online pornography is forced, not a consentual choice
28:00 – There are as many ways to traffick a human as there is creativity in the human brain
29:00 – Human trafficking signs that we should be aware of in our community
32:00 – An example of human traffickers using gifts and trips to lure victims
34:00 – A story about a mother who’s daughter was trafficked
35:30 – How has knowledge of human trafficking changed how you interact with your own children?
39:10 – An example of a survivor who was raised in a Christian two-parent home
44:15 – Takeaways

Zoë Ministries – http://www.zoe-delaware.org

Polaris – https://polarisproject.org


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