Episode 062: Why Do We Worship with Thrive Worship

Thrive Worship visited The Bridge Studio to talk with Mark Dickey about worship. While they were here, Peter Burton and Corbin Phillips performed a couple of songs in The Bridge Community Room! It was a special treat we think you’ll enjoy too. Thrive Worship, which started as the worship team for Bayside Church in Sacramento, CA, has quickly bloomed into a sprawling, eight-campus worship family whose songs and weekly Sunday night worship services are transforming their Northern California community.


2:30 – Welcome Thrive Worship!
3:50 – What was the transition like from secular to Christian music?
5:30 – Why do we sing in church anyway?!
7:05 – How do you help others get into a worship mindset?
10:35 – Do you work with the pastor to build the worship setlist to match the message?
12:45 – Mentorship from Lincoln Brewster taught them to be vulnerable as a worship pastor
13:40 – What stories have you received about lives changed by your music?
15:25 – When you get worn out, how do you encourage one another on the worship team?
17:50 – Just before church worship starts, how do you handle being weary?
19:40 – Enjoy a couple of songs from Thrive Worship!
31:40 – Takeaways

Thrive Worship is active online at their website http://thriveworship.band
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thriveworshipofficial/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0mTiAnq3S6XG5wnk3WRhng
and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thrive_worship/


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