Episode 063: Mark Dickey’s Story

Life takes many turns. The greatest turn for a believer is the moment they encounter Christ. For Mark Dickey of The Bridge Afternoon Show, that moment happened when he was a kid in school. After that, Mark made some changes in his lifestyle and looked for more meaning in the things he did. God continues to guide Mark on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Mark continues to draw closer to ‘home plate’ and a full understanding of who God is.


0:55 – We prepare to talk with Mark Dickey about his story
1:50 – Who is Mark Dickey?
4:00 – Alpacas and guns, oh my!
6:00 – How did you come to know Jesus, and when?
7:15 – Getting ‘in the ballpark’
8:00 – Mark’s teacher invited him to YoungLife
9:30 – Did you pray for salvation that night?
10:45 – YoungLife Summer Camp made a huge difference
13:15 – Were your friends in YoungLife, or did you make all new friends?
15:00 – Challenged in his Junior year of High School
16:45 – Do you feel life took a huge turn after accepting Christ?
18:20 – Is there a greater purpose to everything you do now?
19:45 – He fuels my efforts when they point back to Him!
21:00 – Learning about grace
22:15 – Making it to homeplate!
23:00 – Takeaways


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