Episode 064: Finding Your Purpose in Creativity

One of the greatest things you can do when criticized is to seek the truth in the statement. John Mollura joins The Bridge Podcast to share the experience and wisdom gained from his transition into a creative lifestyle. If you’ve ever felt drawn to the arts as a way to express yourself… listen to this episode. Let it be an encouragement as you find God’s purpose for your creative endeavors.


0:30 – Mark and Andrew consider the prayers during Love Delmarva segment
0:50 – Welcome John Mollura who will look at creativity with us
3:00 – John’s path to a full time creative lifestyle
6:00 – What is ‘film’? Wait… what is ‘paper’!?!
8:30 – What would you tell a friend in the same hamster wheel life pattern?
10:00 – Air quotes – C R E A T I V E S
12:00 – How did John and his family manage him going full time as an artist?
14:20 – Setting boundaries and rules for yourself
15:30 – Find wise counsel to help you learn to manage your endeavor
18:20 – Where do you find creative inspiration?
21:15 – You must remain vulnerable and still brave enough to create
23:30 – There are people who value and need your creative services
26:00 – How do you deal with criticism?
31:35 – Some art is not appreciated as soon as it is released
32:00 – If not for financial gain, what is the purpose of a creative life?
33:00 – 1 Peter 4:10 Use the gifts you have received to serve others
34:00 – John’s BIG break!
36:40 – Takeaways

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