Episode 065: Hannah Kerr

Reaching maturity takes time and deliberate effort to stretch and grow. Watching as your children find out who God purposed them to be is a lot of fun. Leading worship, Hannah Kerr felt peace and purpose more than she did in any other part of her life.

In the three years since her debut release Overflow, singer/songwriter Hannah Kerr has walked through a formative season, navigating college and young adulthood and the challenges that coincide with figuring out who you really are.


1:40 – Who will your children grow to become?
3:10 – Hannah Kerr visited the studio to discuss her upbringing
4:45 – She started leading worship in eigth grade
6:00 – How and when did she become a Christian?
7:50 – When did you start writing lyrics for songs?
9:05 – When did you develop your style of singing?
10:15 – So… who wrote ‘Warrior’?
11:20 – Special LIVE performance of ‘Warrior’!
14:35 – How did you meet your fiance?
16:10 – What was it like moving to Nashville, TN to follow God and create your music?
17:45 – When do you hear the voice of God in your life?
19:00 – Tell us about your new single ‘Ordinary’!
20:00 – Special LIVE performance of ‘Ordinary’!
23:25 – When’s the wedding!?
25:00 – Takeaways

You can discover more about Hannah Kerr online at http://www.hannahkerrmusic.com
She is active on all the social media platforms – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and has videos on YouTube! Enjoy!

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