Episode 067: The Story of The Bridge

As The Bridge approaches being on-air for 10 years, we are celebrating the special anniversary in a number of ways. That includes sharing The Story of The Bridge! Travel back with us to the formative months before The Bridge broadcast their first song, or started serving the Delmarva community we love and call home.


1:30 – Before The Bridge there was another radio station serving Delmarva
3:40 – For seven years the are was without a local Christian radio station
6:15 – Under a three-year deadline, a group gathered to figure out if a station was possible
7:50 – The consensus was if we plan to minister and serve the local community – the effort was worthwhile
9:20 – After a good start, there was a lot to accomplish in three short years
11:50 – Finding the right equipment was an undertaking, and getting it to work, an act of God
14:30 – Now on-air, The Bridge has to fulfill its purpose to the community by building a team
19:00 – Why did The Bridge choose to go on-air December 7, 2010?
21:00 – Is anyone listening? How many people are listening? Is this going to work!?
22:45 – What were some significant hurdles God moved you through at the start of the station?
28:40 – Is The Bridge fulfilling its mission and vision?
30:00 – Where is The Bridge headed in the future?
31:15 – Takeaways

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