Episode 068: Church of the Isolated

Where do you go to church in the middle of a global pandemic? The arrival of COVID-19 has disrupted school, work, and church routines around the world. Even as our fears grow, God is sovereign. He knew this day would come, and He equipped His church with everything they would need. You can stay connected, grow stronger, and encourage one another through this hardship! Have you joined the Church of the Isolated yet?


Church Directory – Contact your Pastor and ask for a few contacts – get their Name, Phone, and Email

LIVE Streaming Worship and Sermons

Elevation Church – https://elevationchurch.org/online

Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church – https://saddleback.com/visit/locations/onlinecampus

Bay Shore Community Church – https://www.facebook.com/bayshoremillsboro/

Help your church make LIVE streaming possible – Here are some tips from Switcher Studio!

Don’t get fancy, use what you’ve got – Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live

Don’t stop tithing – God commands it, your church depends on it.

What should you talk about when you get connected?

Check to see if they have enough food, medical supplies, and of course – toilet paper!

Pray for one another – be vulnerable in your shared fears, anxiety, concerns, and uncertainty – We are all in this together!

Discuss the sermon your Pastor just LIVE streamed.

Complete a Bible Study together.

Read through the Book of John together, and discuss a chapter each day.

This could change the church permanently – improved communication, connected relationships, reaching out to neighbors.

Have you joined the Church of the Isolated yet?

Repeat after me…
“The Church of the Isolated REACHES OUT!
“The Church of the Isolated is ACTIVE not passive!”
“The Church of the Isolated is PATIENT!
“The Church of the Isolated is GENEROUS!


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