Episode 071: Loneliness Epidemic Worsened by Coronavirus with Jack Eason

Even before sin entered the world, which separated us from God, there was something missing from our lives. The first obstacle for God was not sin, it was man’s loneliness. Adam was never meant to be left alone in this world – so God created Eve as his companion.

Loneliness is a lot different than being alone. God wired us to have a community and relationship with other people. When we get into our own little world – it’s not healthy.


2:40 – Still practicing social distancing and isolation…
4:00 – What is the loneliness epidemic?
6:00 – Jack Eason is Executive Director of Crossover Cups Mission, and President of The Heart Share Group
7:15 – What is loneliness like in other cultures around the world?
9:00 – What prompted you to write The Loneliness Solution book?
11:00 – Physically Alone and Crowded Loneliness
11:45 – The first obstacle for God was not sin, it was man’s loneliness
13:00 – Loneliness impacts every age group
15:30 – While social distancing, use technology to overcome the loneliness gap
17:30 – The power of community us explained clearly in the book
19:00 – We might learn some things from people in the Third-World
20:30 – Takeaways

The Loneliness Solution (available October 2020) can be found at https://www.jackeason.org

Discover the impact loneliness has on your life with Jack’s Loneliness Logarithm at https://www.jackeason.org/loneliness-logarithm/

Get a glimpse into Jack Eason’s world on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jackeasonspeaks and LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-eason

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