Episode 073: Why We Fundraise

When you give to a non-profit ministry, like The Bridge, you are becoming a part of someone else’s story. You may never meet them, but you will have an impact on their life. Still – many people wonder why fundraising is so important to sustain their favorite local non-profit organizations.


2:00 – Welcome Kristin Boyce and Kim Willey to the podcast
3:45 – Why is fundraising necessary to a non-profit ministry?
5:00 – What are some of the key operating expenses of a radio ministry?
7:30 – As the ministry grows, so do expenses to serve supporters
9:00 – The story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem
11:00 – The result of fundraising is changed hearts, and saved souls
14:00 – There are people who rely on radio ministry each day
16:00 – You become a part of someone else’s story
19:00 – Businesses also join in support of changing their community
22:00 – “Test me in this,” says the Lord – Malachi 3:10
26:00 – Outside of operating expenses ministries also have greater goals in mind
29:00 – Your support makes it possible to tell others about Jesus
33:00 – Local ministries super-serve the community to meet local needs
35:00 – Takeaways

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