Episode 076: ANNOUNCING The Bridge Podcast Network

While The Bridge Podcast took a break following episode seventy-five – we didn’t stop planning great content for our loyal audience! Thanks to the sponsorship of Boardwalk Plaza Hotel and Victoria’s Restaurant, we are excited to announce a new podcast network featuring five brand new podcasts. Listen now as Mark Dickey and Andrew Jackson tell you about the new shows with introductions from hosts in their own words…


Over the Rims of Mugs with Host Denise Harper
Spend a little time with Denise and her girlfriends as they get to know each other while sharing a great cup of coffee. The show includes wonderful testimonies, things to celebrate in life, how to face adversity, and getting through times when God doesn’t feel present. Take away stories that will inspire you and enrich your life!

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE – https://887thebridge.com/overmugs

If You Really Knew Me with Hosts Kim Willey and Ben Sorrells
The Enneagram is a tool you can use to have richer relationships. Ben and Kim are excited to discuss connecting better in all of our personal and professional relationships. You’ll learn more about who’s inside based on your motivations rather than your behaviors. Discover the real person behind the mask we often show others!

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE – https://887thebridge.com/enneagram

Fathering with Host Mark Dickey
Most of us view our Heavenly Father through the lens of our Earthly father. However your children feel about Jesus and God – they discover it through you, their Dad. Mark talks with good Dads who have raised kids who love to follow the Lord. By looking at the art form of parenting, you’ll find what works best for your family!

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE – https://887thebridge.com/fathering

StoryJumpers with Host Andrew Jackson
Do your kids love listening to great stories? It can be tough to find kids podcasts which uphold Christian values. StoryJumpers features entertaining stories by authors who write from a Christian worldview. Each episode is created with kids in mind! Audiobook clips, or a reading by the author, are followed by a brief conversation with the author which kids will enjoy. This is a podcast FOR KIDS!

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE – https://887thebridge.com/storyjumpers

In addition, we’ve created a new resource called The Bite Size Bible with Host Mark Dickey. This bingeable show consists of five brief episodes which will strengthen your faith, or help you introduce your friends to Jesus.

LISTEN & SHARE – https://887thebridge.com/bitesize


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