Aaron Fenimore, Evening Show

Aaron Fenimore joins The Bridge as Evening Show and Saturday Afternoon Show Host.

He is a Delaware native and grew up in Lewes. Aaron was homeschooled and came to know Christ as a young teenager. He started working with his dad at the age of 15, then left when he was 23 to travel with a basketball outreach ministry.

He currently works full-time as a hospitality director for Chick-fil-A Rehoboth Beach. Aaron has always had an interest in talk radio and when he and his brother were young, they developed their own radio show.

Aaron is happily married to his wife, Jessica and they currently live in Lewes, where they serve together at their local church. Aaron is passionate about the Bible and ministering to people and ultimately would like to pursue ministry full-time.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys reading, playing board games, cooking together with his wife, and traveling.

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