Alien Invasion by Elias Mask *BONUS*

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Alien Invasion is about the life of Elias, an eleven-year-old boy, who is an only child looking for adventure in his ordinary life. He and his pet rabbit encounter a strange man from outer space! Elias’ mother insists that the alien is actually his Dad. But Elias doesn’t believe her.

Afraid that this alien will take over his Dad’s place and win the affection of his mother, Elias enlists the help of his best friend to blast the alien back to outer space.

Elias Mask is a 12-year-old author who loves to encourage young kids to read and write. He has a 154 IQ and has won several awards. The mayor gave him the keys to the city in Nettleton, and his first book comes out this October.

Interesting Fact – Elias wears a fedora hat everywhere he goes.

Learn more about Elias’s books when you visit his webpage at


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