Don and Marti | The Bridge Story Board

Every letter, phone call, and prayer request are part of… Your Stories! The Bridge connects you to God’s love happening all around you each day. Through music and spoken word, The Bridge is a constant source of encouragement. Explore The Bridge Story Board with us to hear a few Listener Stories we’ve received.

Don and Marti | The Bridge Story Board

“The Bridge is not just a radio station to us. The Bridge is family. You’ve been there every day for us since you began broadcasting. You have encouraged us, lifted our spirits through music and words spoken on the air, prayed for us in times of great need, and have been the hope in times like this with COVID-19. But most of all you are our family, and we love each of you very much.”


You are the only person who can tell your story to the world.
God walks beside you, through every turning page.

Would you please share your story with our Listeners?
Your struggle, your courage, your story will help others follow God’s plan for their life!

Call the 24-Hour Storyline… 855-887-8870 – Option #4

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The Bridge has a mission to become a part of our listener’s story.

With the help of listeners like you, we are connecting the efforts of the community,
and strengthening lives with the love of Christ.

We’d like to be a part of your story. Please share your story with us.

We believe in what God is doing through The Bridge, and we hope you decide to share your story with us.