Feed The Children

Take part in The Bridge 2019 Feed The Children fundraiser. Each $39 gift provides food for 1 child for a full year. Cross International partners with churches, missionaries and other para-church organizations on the ground in countries like Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic who have identified critical needs for food assistance. At least 96% of each donation will go to the program services they are intended for, while less than 4% is used for administrative expenses.

Cross International was started in 2001 and their priority is to help “the poorest of the poor”. Our ministry began in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and home to some of the most destitute people in our modern world. Efforts have grown to reach those suffering extreme poverty in other Caribbean countries as well as countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Cross International locates needy church-based ministries serving the poor and distributes material aid through their existing programs. In this way, we can supply meaningful help where it is needed most. In all of our work we remain dedicated in our service to the Lord as good stewards of His resources in every challenge we seek to overcome.

We have a passion for the poor! As believers in Christ’s Gospel of mercy, we strive to bring God’s promised salvation to men and women of every race, creed and walk of life. Therefore, we seek to create an exchange of both material and spiritual sustenance between the Church in America and churches in developing countries. In all things, we strive to glorify God, revealing His perfect grace to the world.

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