Woodbridge High School Select Ensemble

The Woodbridge High School Select Ensemble is the school’s auditioned ensemble, featuring students in grades 10-12th.

You can watch selections from the performance on Woodbridge High School Performing Arts Department Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/whsperformingartsdept/

Soprano: Gabriella Morra, Alexia Carroll, Rachel Bollinger, Elizabeth Tedley, Alex Nechay
Alto: Genevieve Maddox, Alyssa Anthony, Rheya Ford
Tenor: Xander Mansfield, Antonio Polk
Bass: Prince Thompson, Darius Houchens, CJ Carroll, Tayvion Singh

Students must audition and be selected to participate in the ensemble and with their participation comes extra outside time commitment.

Jolene Workman has been a Music teacher for the Woodbridge School District for 15 years and the High School Choir Director for 7 of those years. She is the current District Teacher of the Year for the Woodbridge School District.

Jolene graduated from Cairn University in 2005 with a Bachelors of Music, and has been teaching for Woodbridge ever since.

The goal of the Woodbridge High School music department is to develop life long love of the Arts, though performance and experience. They work to develop musicians and foster an appreciation and understanding for the skills required to produce high quality performances.

Find Woodbridge High School on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/woodbridgeschooldistrict/

More details about the school district are available on their website http://www.woodbridgeraiders.net/